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Enrichment Programs

Inclusive to all DIA students

Our Early Literacy initiative includes programs related to the Arts.  These programs have been specially designed to integrate with The Creative Curriculum® and support the development and education of the “whole child”.

  • Music Literacy works on fine and gross motor skills while enhancing cognitive, physical and musical development.
  • Physical Education focuses on the development of motor skills.
  • Spanish for Preschoolers is an introductory course focused on exposing children to a new language. The course curriculum includes everyday greetings, colors, numbers, songs, celebrations, and stories in Spanish. *included in 2’s (older), 3’s & 4’s classrooms*


Additional supplemental programs are offered to encourage children to explore various activities that will benefit your child’s continued development and interests. Licensed vendors instruct classes on school premises. Class times vary (30 mins – 1 hour) in length, during nap time hours (12:30pm – 3:00pm). Registration is available year-round if spots available.